Please Read Carefully Before Calling or Emailing Us About Your Order

All medications are shipped directly to you from the pharmacy. *The only exception to this is if your prescription is being shipped to our clinic for pick-up.

The pharmacies we utilize to fulfill your order are very high volume facilities that process in upwards of 30,000 orders per day.

Once you place an order, it cannot be changed, modified, or added to. Any add-ons requested after the order is placed would result in a new order.

Time Frame – Here Is What To Expect

Once your invoice is paid, the clinic IMMEDIATELY places the order with the pharmacy.

The only exceptions are:

  • If you pay your invoice after 5pm your order is placed the following morning.
  • If you pay your invoice over the weekend, the order cannot be placed until Monday morning.

Within 24 hours of payment, you will receive an email confirmation from the clinic that the order has been successfully placed with the pharmacy.

Once we place the order with the pharmacy, it can take them 5-10 business days to ship your prescription.

*Semaglutide orders can take up to 14 business days to ship.

When You Should Contact Us

Please check your spam folder first for updates that may have came from the clinic or the pharmacy.

  1. If you paid your invoice but did NOT receive an email from the clinic confirming your order was placed.
  2. If by 10 business days you have not received a tracking number from the pharmacy. (14 days for Semaglutide)

Please understand that although it can ship sooner, there are variables that contribute to the shipping time.

  • weather
  • pharmacy volume
  • season
  • holidays
  • does the medication require refrigeration
  • glass vials

Efficiency Is How We Keep Our Prices Low For Everyone

If you do need to contact us, PLEASE use the contact us page on the website.


Allow us 24 hours to respond. We promise a prompt and detailed response.

Thank You,

Superior Genetix Health & Wellness

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