How do I get started with TRT, HRT, or Weight Loss Treatments?


Getting started is easy. Click here to fill out the required intake medical forms. You can complete the forms and sign them right here on the website un about 2 minutes.


How much should I expect to pay for TRT, HRT, Peptide Therapy or amedicated Weight loss program?


The costs varies depending on the type of medications and duration of treatment prescribed to you. The one-time client intake fee can also vary depending on whether you need a physical or blood work. Click here for current treatments and costs.


When do I see the Physician?


There is no in-office visit required. We are a Telehealth/Telemedicine Provider. Once you have your blood work completed, they will email the results to your new Physician here at Superior Genetix. The Superior Genetix healthcare provider will review your intake chart and your blood work, and contact you by email to confirm your appointment. You can choose a video consultation or telephone call, whichever you prefer.


How soon do I get my prescription?


During your consultation we will suggest the best treatment option for you. In many cases only 1 medication is needed, but sometimes the addition of another medication may be considered optimal. Once the consult is concluded, the Physician will put the order in for your prescription right away. You will receive a tracking number from the pharmacy to let you know your medication is on it’s way.   

Where does my medication come from?


Your medications are prescribed by a licensed physician and dispensed from an FDA registered pharmacy in the USA. Medications will only be prescribed after blood work, medical screening, and consultation is completed.


Can I receive treatment without blood work?


No. Unfortunately the only way to determine if you are eligible for hormone replacement therapy or other treatments is through a blood test. If you are transfering from another clinic, we can use all blood work that is less than 90 days old.


Do you accept the results from home blood test kits?


No. As convenient as these tests may be there is no way to track and confirm the identity of the one that took the blood test. Verification is necessary when it comes to blood draws and prescribing medications. Home tests cannot provide that type of verification.


How often do you require blood work?


Typically every 6 months, however this can vary depending on which type of treatment(s) you are receiving.


I do not have insurance how can I get a physical?


Walk-in clinics and urgent care locations offer Physical exams. These are relatively low cost. 


If I provide my own labs how old can they be?


If you provide your own labs they can be no older than 90 days. Patients transferring from another clinic can provide us with labs up to 5 months old because a history of therapy has already been established with the prior physician.


How is the medication shipped?


All of your medications are shipped via FedEx, UPS, or USPS. A tracking number is emailed to you from the pharmacy once your medication ships.


What if I am already on an anabolic androgenic steroid, do I need to lower my Testosterone levels to be eligible for treatment?


No. Intentionally lowering your hormone levels is dangerous.  If a patient is transferring from another clinic or if you are currently using anabolic steroids, we would expect their levels to be elevated. Our goal is to safely stabilize your levels with proper medication under a Physician’s supervision. 


How do I refill my prescription?


You have a few choices to consider  here. If you choose the auto-refill option, we can bill your credit card and ship your medication automatically on your due date. 

There is nothing further for you to do and your prescription will be mailed as scheduled. When prescriptions are shipped and /or blood work is needed, we will send you an email notification.

Your second option is to use the refill form on the website, and enter the required information.



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