Testosterone Replacement Therapy.

Our TRT  Program Pricing Is Simply Unbeatable – GUARANTEED !

Show us a lower price and we’ll beat it.

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“We Are The Best Priced TRT Clinic in America, Guaranteed.”

One-Time Costs & Fees



Are You Transferring To Us From Another Clinic ?

$200 – The Is a One-Time Fee. You Pay Nothing Else.

*If you are transferring to us from another clinic and you have your most recent labs, all you will pay is a one-time fee of $200. This fee covers your patient enrollment, medical charting, medical chart review,  your pre-appointment consultation, and your virtual care / tele-health appoiontment with the Prescribing Physician. There are no additonal new patient intake fees required of you.

New Patient Fees

These are One-Time Fees For New Patients. After This, All You Will Ever Pay For is The Cost of Your Treatment.

$100 – Blood Work.

To begin hormone replacement therapy, we require labs. We will provide you an order# for the Labcorp nearest you. Walk-ins are welcome, and the process takes only a few minutes. If you have your own blood work, you do not need to pay this fee. You can upload your labs during the intake process, or email them to us.

$100 – Physician Fee.

This one-time fee covers your telehealth appointment with the Prescribing Physician. *Prescriptions are good for as long as you continue treatment.

$100 – Clinic Fee.

The fee covers your application processing, enrollment, medical charting, lab and chart review, your pre-appointment telephone consultation with clinic staff, and your appointment with the Prescribing Physician.

Cost of Treatment

TRT – Testosterone Replacement Therapy  

$200 / Provides You 10-16 Weeks of Treatment & Includes:

  • Testosterone Cypionate (200mg./ml.)  10ml. vial
  • Aromatase Inhibitor blend (if medically necessary).
  • Injection Kit. Syringes and Needles To Your Specifications and Alcohol Pads
  • Unlimited Email Support
  • Phone Consultations With a Specialist (Appointment Required)
  • Initial Blood Work

What Is Not Included

  • Fertility treatments such as Gonadorelin, HCG, or Clomiphene.
  • Blood work that you request that is not required for your treatment
  • Additional Physician Consultations That You Request
  • Shipping & Handling is $20 Per Order

Cost To Add On

  • Fertility Treatment With Gonadorelin is $50 per month (oral and injectable available)
  • Blood Work On Demand : Click Here For Prices
  • Want To Make An Additional  Appointment With One of Our Physicians ?  The Cost Is $150

How To Get Started

  • Complete The New Patient Intake Form
  • Pay The Intake Fee
  • Get Your Labs (if applicable)
  • Do Your Pre-Appointment Consultation With One of Our Specialists. This is where we answer all of your questions, and provide you with instructions on how to get the most out of your treatment.
  • Do Your Brief Appointment With The Prescribing Physician
  • Pay For The Treatments You Select

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Ready To Get Started ?

To begin the process, click the button below and complete the New Patient Forms.

After you have completed the intake forms, you will receive a welcome email from our client intake manager who will answer any questions you might have.





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